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Tablet press machines
RONCHI Rotary tablet press machine to create tablets of different shapes and weights.
A.C.F.P. is able to fulfil our customer needs because it is possible to produce small and large batches.
Machines in compliance with GMP regulation and the highest international safery standards.
To ensure the weight keeping of every tablet, by getting rid of the tablets beyond tolerance threshold, the machines are equipped with an electronic system named SET PRESS which detects the compression strain on every drift by operating directly on the dosage group.
Capsule filling machines
Automated ZANASI machines equipped with multiple dosing mechanism with alternate motion to produce capsules of hard jelly and gastro-resistant too.
The capsule quality is ensured by the automatic control at each step.
Intrinsically safe machines, with CE trademark, equipped with safety systems.
Liquid dose machines
Machines equipped with motor volumetric syringes supported by a computer system which guarantees the high precision dose for the distribution of solutions and suspensions.
Safe machines designed and assembled following the European regulation EE 89/392 with CE trademark.
The product quality, the hygiene and the safety is ensured by steel AISI 316 machine structure in every component in contact with the product.
Packaging machines
The packaging could be done both in blister and in tablet containers.
To make blister packaging we use the state of the art machines which realize every shape and volume of blisters. We employ, moreover, the most suitable material to ensure the preservation of the final product and to guarantee its stability.
We use high technology machines which allow us to put tablets, capsules and pearls in packaging of different shapes and size.
The products are labelled in-line.

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