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Missio, Value & Vision


The mission of the Company is the continuous development of high quality products, to guarantee safety and efficacy to ensure your satisfaction and that of your customers.


Our philosophy is linked to values ​​of professionality, update training, compliance and technological innovation. We support the customer in all phases: in the field of formulation, regulatory, till the preparation of the finished product.

The customer find us as its point of reference.


A.C.F.P. the ideal company to realize your ideas.


The excellence of our products is guaranteed by the careful selection of raw materials and the use of the latest machinery to which is added a close collaboration with universities and research, italian and foreign.

Company Policy

A.C.F.P. is focused on the maximization of the product quality through a careful policy of selection of the bought materials, investment on advanced technology equipments able to make an excellent product, resources management able to direct the company structure towards the fulfilling of the customer needs.

Such element increased its importance over time and it has pushed the Company Management to determine as a priority the target of fulfilling completely the customer requests, through the disposition of a Quality Management System which is adequately documented and implemented.

We are confident that in business it is the human capital that makes the difference between the success and the failure: an efficient staff is not made up, but it is obtained through the continuous care of capable people, like the A.C.F.P. members.

The main goal of the company is to improve its response capacity towards marketplace and customer needs both in terms of technical expertise, and in terms of reliability, by performing in order to make a compliant service and to support it through proficiency and expertise values.

Decalogue of the Qualities in order to achieve the Excellence.

1. All of us work accordingly to ethic and integrity principles;

2. We believe and respect the professionalism of the people working in our company;

3. We respect the customer;

4. We respect all the professionals working in our field and we promote clear communication channels with our suppliers and our customers;

5. We select the suppliers by picking out only the certified ones and able to give us raw materials of controlled origin, supported by quality certificates;

6. We research innovative raw materials supported by scientific studies;


7. We make products with the state of the art and technologically advanced equipments;

8. The making process in unidirectional; each production laboratory, with advanced structures, is equipped with systems to filter and purify continuously the air and to adjust individually temperature and humidity;

9. We perform quality tests for every product both in the inner analysis laboratory and in external laboratories certified by the Ministero della Salute;

10. R&D expertises study and develop innovative formulations based on the customer needs.

11. The excellence of our company is shown on the final product quality and it supported by the ethics of every member and by the professionalism which strengthen each relationship among us, suppliers and our customers.

Or if he takes whatever dull job he's stuck with...and they are all, sooner or later, dull...and, just to keep himself amused, starts to look for options of Quality, and secretly pursues these options, just for their own sake, thus making an art out of what he is doing, he's likely to discover that he becomes a much more interesting person and much less of an object to the people around him because his Quality decisions change him too. And not only the job and him, but others too because the Quality tends to fan out like waves. The Quality job he didn't think anyone was going to see is seen, and the person who sees it feels a little better because of it, and is likely to pass that feeling on to others, and in that way the Quality tends to keep on going.

Robert M. Piersig

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