From the formula... We recommend formulations and we make newer ones! the development...
We produce customers' formulations in our labs. the packaging!
The custom product is ready to be sold!

The Research

The Research and Development is a pillar continuously evolving focused on the making of products for our customers.

A.C.F.P. cooperates with the Italian University in the field of development of innovative techniques propitious to different sectors related to health and wellness. Today it cooperates with the University of Turin, Unit of Vegetal Physiology Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology Innovation Centre.

Thanks to this strong cooperation all the products are certified by the Innovation Centre.

The consequence of this active cooperation is the development of innovative techniques applicable to production processes.

A.C.F.P. claims a dedicated area for the Research and Development where it invests partners, means and financial resources dedicated both to innovative technology study to realize new products and to improve the production process of the food supplements of different pharmaceutical forms.

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