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We produce customers' formulations in our labs. the packaging!
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The Laboratories

The Laboratories
The laboratories used for the production and packaging of food supplements have been designed and manufactured in compliance with Italian and European standards in force.
Separate rooms for each type of production in order to guarantee our customers the highest microbiological quality of the product;
The areas dedicated to production are covered in heat-sealed material, washable and hygienic even at high temperatures;
A climate control system equipped with an adjustment system to allow temperature and relative humidity control in each production and packaging environment;
Air filtration system and horizontal heat recovery device to keep the premises in a slight overpressure in order to avoid unattended air passage to the environments;
Different warehouses for entry and exit of raw materials and finished products;
Unidirectional production flow;
Production Machinery compliant with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Directives and the highest international safety standards.

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